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Our Company

Mathis CPA & Associates, LLC was originally founded in 1978 by Richard R. Ricciani and Andrew G. Jessen, established as Ricciani & Jessen, P.A.. In 1984, Roger K. Griffey joined the firm as partner. Ricciani, Jessen, & Griffey operated until 1988 when Mr. Jessen left to pursue work in the private industry.

The firm name was changed in 1990 to Ricciani & Griffey and operated with increased staff including two full-time CPAs, in addition to the partners, two to three client services staff and one to two administrative staff until 1993 when Julie W. Mathis was admitted as a partner.

The firm known as Ricciani, Griffey & Mathis operated until 1995 when Roger K. Griffey retired and Andrew G. Jessen rejoined the firm as a partner.

Technology advancements allowed the firm, Ricciani, Mathis & Jessen, the opportunity for growth with decreased staff.  In 2004 Mr. Ricciani began semi-retirement and fully retired in 2006.

The firm operated as Mathis, Jessen & Company until 2011 when Dale A. Gnatek was admitted as the first non-CPA partner.  Mathis, Gnatek, Jessen & Associates CPA Firm operated until 2015.  Andrew G. Jessen retired in 2014. 

In June 2020, Dale A. Gnatek retired from the firm.

Julie W. Mathis continues as sole partner in the firm under the firm name Mathis CPA & Associates, LLC to adhere to Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requirements.

Our Philosophies

We promote the firm concept that clients are served by the Firm, rather than by individuals.  We refer to "our clients" rather than "my clients."  Opinions and recommendations are stated as "our recommendations" and "we believe." We work together to service our clients using our collective experiences and knowledge.

Here are some of our key philosophies:

  • Produce work of the highest quality
  • Take personal interest in our clients
  • Encourage employees to service their community
  • Strive to be the kind of firm employees and clients are proud to associate


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